Our Norway Tour

How to get from Oslo Gardermoen Airport to Oslo City late at night
Some information about how to go about getting from Oslo Gardermoen airport late at night.
DIY Norway in a Nutshell - Booking it all yourself
A breakdown of how to book each part of the Norway in a Nutshell tour by yourself, how much it costs and what our experience was like.
What happens if your train is delayed between Oslo and Myrdal on Norway in a Nutshell
Our experience of a train delay between Oslo and Myrdal and how this affected our onward journey following the Norway in a Nutshell route.
Voss to Bergen via Hardangerfjord in Norway - DIY
How to do the Hardangerfjord in a Nutshell tour route by yourself and a run through of what we ended up doing when our plans changed.
Don't forget to be a little spontaneous - Sea Kayaking at Eidfjord
A last minute change of plans turned into one of our favourite memories from our trip to Norway.
A day in Bergen
How we spent our short time in Bergen - just under 24 hours in the city.

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