Planning a round the world trip

Our tips and advice for people planning a round the world trip based upon our own experience and advice from other travellers.

Everything you need to plan a round the world trip

Choosing the Best Campervan for New Zealand and Australia
Deciding the best way of travelling around both New Zealand and Australia.
Our Mini Hospital - The First Aid Kit
Details of what we decided to include in our first aid kit and why we chose the things that we did.
Where In The World Do We Go?
Deciding how to spend our time travelling, where to go and what to see.
Gap Year After The Foundation Programme For UK Doctors
I thought I would take this opportunity to write a little about my experiences of taking a career break after my Foundation years and the options and possibilities that are available to all you... more ›
Pre-Travel To-Do List
Our gigantic to-do list of everything we needed to sort out before leaving the country!
Pre-Travel Spending
A detailed list of everything that we have spent on our travels before leaving the country.
Vaccination Advice for the First Trip
Details about the vaccines which are recommended for the countries that we are visiting, how these are given and which ones we decided to get.
Malaria Prophylaxis for the First Trip
Some information about malaria and its prevention as well as a description of the different options for tablet prophylaxis, how they are taken, common side effects and what we decided to take.
Packing list for our round the world trip
Detailed information about everything that we packed into our bags for round the world travel.
Planning begins again; the second half!
A quick update about our progress planning the second half of our year travelling.
Leaving on a jet plane
Our final week back in Northern Ireland before we head off to North America
Pre-Travel Spending; The Second Trip
A detailed list of everything that we have spent on our travels before leaving the country for the second time.
Packing revisited
All the changes that we've made to our packing compared to the first trip.
Restoring license to practise after a gap year for UK doctors
An update to the post about taking a gap year after the foundation years as a doctor and how I went about restoring my license to practice.
Choosing our Backpacks for Round The World Travel
A review of the Osprey Farpoint backpacks that we finally decided to buy for round the world travel as well as the story of how we finally decided on those ones in particular.
We're Back!
An update from us about the past year and what is still to come.