Our Indonesia Tour

Arriving in Java, walking around Yogyakarta and taking a tour out to the temples
Our first experience of Indonesia, arriving in Java and exploring the region around Yogyakarta.
From Yogyakarta to Denpasar via Mount Bromo the 'easy' way: not super fun
Getting from Java to Bali with a detour to see Mount Bromo shouldn't be too difficult... should it?
An all-inclusive mini-holiday at Sol Beach House, Nusa Dua
Our very brief (and wonderful) experience of an all inclusive resort in Nusa Dua, Bali.
Yoga and massages in Ubud, Bali
Our 5 day stay in Ubud sampling the relaxed life of yoga and massages; all surrounded by the beautiful view of the rice terraces.
The best way to get from Ubud, Bali to Gili Air
A comparison of the different options available for getting from Bali to the Gili Islands and our experience with the one we picked.
5 days on Gili Air
What we got up to on Gili Air, a small island off Lombok in Indonesia, during our 5 days there.
Getting from Gili Air to Senggigi
How we got ourselves off the lovely island of Gili Air to Senggigi on the mainland via the notorious Bangsal Harbour.

Other Indonesia Posts

The cost of spending 3 weeks in Indonesia
A breakdown of what we spent during our 3 weeks in Indonesia.