Our favourite campsite in New Zealand

Written by Lisa. Published on Tuesday, 21st October 2014
The campsite we loved so much we came back for a second night. Great facilities with a few bonuses thrown in!

We have stayed in many many campsites in New Zealand, some free and some very expensive, some with flush toilets and lush showers and others with only one drop toilet for the whole site but only one in the entire 4 weeks really stood out to both of us and quickly became our favourite (so much so that we even went back for a second night on our return journey north!)

What is the name of this fabled campsite I hear you ask and where on earth does it lie? The answer dear person is the Mossburn Country Park which is on the road south of Queenstown as you travel towards Te Anau and Milford Sound.

Why do we love it so?

Well firstly, the site has all the great things you look for in a good campground. The facilities were great; clean,flushing toilets and amazing hot showers (and plenty of both). The kitchen was sparkling clean and had loads of hobs, kettles and toasters as well as cooking equipment. Sites were cheap and there was no extra cost to add power - in fact they were cheaper than most other private campgrounds that we stayed in (NZ$32 for a camper with 2 people at time of writing). On top of this, there was even free wifi, and when we say free we actually mean 'free' (250mb per person which should be plenty) with no extra charges.

Bonus Round

You may think that this sounds brilliant in itself BUT what happens if we told you could also feed very tame and extremely friendly alpacas and sheep, chickens and goat with the owners blessing and even be provided with the feed? (Even better when we were there in spring we were able to bottle feed one of the newborn lambs as well).

The owner is also a farmer who you can tell takes great pride in the campsite, his animals and his land.

All in all if you are driving past or visiting anywhere near this campsite we whole-heartedly would recommend staying there!

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