The cost of spending 4 weeks in New Zealand

Written by Lisa. Published on Tuesday, 28th October 2014
How much it costs to travel by campervan in New Zealand for 4 weeks.

During our time in New Zealand I kept a pretty comprehensive record of what we were spending our money on, for personal interest and to also help us plan our second half of travel after Christmas. I think it might be quite a useful tool for other travellers out there and so I've included the breakdown below.

A breakdown of our spending in New Zealand

Spent on... Amount (£GBP) Notes
Campervan 508.56 we had already paid a deposit of £141.33
Transport 131.55 buses and Cook Strait ferry
Food and drink 278.49 our grocery shops, eating out and sweet treats
Petrol 503.45
Accomodation (campsites) 229
Accommodation (hostels) 93.24 Jailhouse accommodation, Christchurch, we had already paid for the Auckland hostel before arrival
Activites 735.50 Polynesian spa, black water rafting, jet boating, gold panning, heli-hiking, cinema, Milford Sound cruise
Wifi and phone 26.25 Topping up phone and paying for wifi at certain camps
Car related costs 131.25 parking, tickets and fines
Miscellaneous 77.69 umbrella, cooking gas, matches, laundry, gifts
Total 2717.98

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