Pre-Travel Spending

Written by Lisa. Published on Thursday, 11th September 2014
A detailed list of everything that we have spent on our travels before leaving the country.

Now that we only have a week or two left in the UK and have pretty much sorted out everything, I thought I would share with you how much we have spent so far in making this trip a reality.

We have kept very detailed accounts up until now of our spending on this adventure and the plan is to continue to do this whilst we travel. The main reason being so that we can budget well but also so that we have the information to help guide other travellers once we are finished.

So here it is, all of our spending so far:

Travel Gear / Packing

We still have to buy Alistair some trainers and t-shirts but this is everything else that we have needed to buy in terms of travel gear. We had a few bits and pieces already but not many so did have to buy most of it unfortunately! Check out our full packing list.

Item(s) Cost (£) Notes
Silk sleeping bag liners x 2 30.27
Raincoat x 1 15.99 Lisa already had a raincoat
Backpacks x 3 186.40 2 x backpacks and 1 x messenger bag
Lisa Clothes 249.41
Alistair Clothes 122.99 Not yet complete
Swimwear 6.00 Lisa already had swimwear
Toiletries 58.90
Microfibre towels 24.96 2 x giant and 1 x small
Electrical plug adapters 3.75 We already had some of these
Headtorch x 2 23.98
Sunglasses 10.00 Alistair already had sunglasses
Padlock x 2 12.48
Notebook 4.50
Pens 1.50
Document folder 1.99
Ziplock bags 1.50
Double mosquito net 10.99
Travel games 15.00
Compression sacs x 3 15.60 small, medium and large
Packing cubes x 6 32.98
Dry Sacs x 2 7.98
Toiletry bags x 2 6.38
Travel guides x 3 35.98 New Zealand, East Coast Australia and South East Asia on a Shoestring.
Pegless washing line 2.99
Bivi bag 1.28
Camelbak water bottle 0.75L x 2 25.49
Handheld torch 1.98
Foreign Currency 501.89 Only have NZD dollars so far

Total: £1413.16


We were lucky that we had a lot of these to begin with. We are still hunting for a good camera which will be an added cost to this category! Again, check out our full packing list.

Item(s) Cost (£) Notes
Camera unknown Unknown
Kindle x 2 178.00
Case for kindle x 2 7.98
Case for IPad 1.00
Headphones x 2 5.68

Total: £192.66

Travel Bookings

A lot of this we will be sorting as we go; accommodation, activities and even some of the internal flights. We will also have to pay the rest of our campervan fees when we arrive as we have only paid a deposit so far.

Item(s) Cost (£) Notes
Flights from UK to NZ including some stop-overs 2589.00
First 2 nights accommodation in Auckland 64.80 Jucy Hotel
New Zealand campervan 141.33 deposit paid Total cost is 1335.10 NZD
Australia campervan 153.70 deposit paid Total cost is 1366.30 AUD
Flights from Cairns to Melbourne 128.00

Total: £3076.83

Travel Documents

Again, visa's etc will be paid on arrival so the biggest cost in this category so far is the travel insurance.

Item(s) Cost Notes
Travel insurance first half 287.00 Insure and Go
International driving permits x 2 11.00
Yellow Fever certificates 16.50 Needed to pay to change Lisa's surname on hers

Total: £314.50


We were fortunate that we had already had all of the essential vaccines for the countries we were considering visiting. We also found very cheap Malarone tablets in Asda which really helped! I still haven't sorted contact lenses so that will be a further cost in this category.

Item(s) Cost (£) Notes
Malaria Prophylaxis 72.00
First Aid Kit 15.90  

Total: £87.90

Work Related

These cost's were mainly due to having a medical career and so will probably apply to very few people. I've kept them in just in case they can be of use to a few travelers out there!

Item(s) Cost Notes
Sign up for locums 76.00 CRB and occupational health report
GMC registration 95.00 Reduced due to not having a license to practice and applying for income discount
Medical indemnity insurance 10.55 Reduced rate due to not working

Total: £181.55

Sorting Our Stuff

The main cost here was for storage. We paid up front for 10 months which got us a good discount!

Item(s) Cost Notes
Storage 526.00 Including £48 refundable deposit

Total: £526.00

There you have it, the total so far is £5792.60.

As we've got all of the gear and admin things sorted now I'm hoping that we will not have to pay much for the second half except for travel insurance, malaria prophylaxis, topping up toiletries and first aid and then the actual flights and accommodation etc.

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