Planning begins again; the second half!

Written by Lisa. Published on Friday, 16th January 2015
A quick update about our progress planning the second half of our year travelling.

We've been a bit silent on here for the last month or so due to arriving back in Northern Ireland slap-bang in the midst of Christmas celebrations. As things are starting to settle down, we are beginning to think about where to head off to after my interviews and plans are starting to take shape!

Rough ideas

After some budgeting and rough looking we came to the decision that it was not going to be possible to include South America in this trip. We think we will probably tackle it at some point in the future. Instead we have decided to concentrate on North America and visit both Canada and USA. We (hopefully) will spend a month in western Canada and then 3 months exploring as much of USA as possible, starting on the west coast and aiming to spend our last 2-3 weeks in Florida.

Planning continues

There is still a lot of sorting and deciding to do, so when we get a better itinerary thought through I will try to post it here but in the meantime I plan on getting our posts about Malaysia live so you can look forward to that!

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