Pre-Travel Spending; The Second Trip

Written by Lisa. Published on Tuesday, 10th March 2015
A detailed list of everything that we have spent on our travels before leaving the country for the second time.

We only have a week left in Northern Ireland before we jet off to North America so as I did with the first trip, I thought I would share how much we had spent prior to leaving which is thankful a lot less than the first time as we had most of the gear we needed.

So here it is, all of our spending so far:

Travel Gear / Packing

We had very little to get compared to our first trip (thank goodness) but we did have to replenish toiletries and get some more heavy duty clothes for the weather in Canada.

Item(s) Cost (£) Notes
Coats 80 Craghoppers waterproof jackets
Jumpers 25
Socks 15
Watch 8
Shoes 20
Toiletries 36

Total: £184

Travel Bookings

A lot of this we will be sorting as we go but we have purposefully planned as much as Canada as possible given that it is ski season so things are expensive and also so that we can settle in easily.

Item(s) Cost (£) Notes
Flights from UK to Canada 594
Flights from Florida to UK 383
Buses in Canada 100 Calgary to Banff, Banff to Vancouver and Vancouver to Seattle
Accommodation Canada so far 435
Ice hockey tickets Calgary 37
Disneyworld and Universal tickets 782

Total: £2331

Travel Documents

The biggest cost in this category is the travel insurance!

Item(s) Cost Notes
Travel insurance second half 292.81 Insure and Go
ESTA for Lisa 9
Car hire excess insurance 46.99

Total: £348.80

There you have it, the total so far is £2863.80.

Much nicer than the first half before we left! But we are travelling for longer so the final total when we return will be a lot greater than our first trip I would imagine. Keep checking the blog for updates about our budgeting and spending as we go.

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