Kreuz, Lockhart - the best Texas smokehouse in the universe

Written by Ali. Published on Sunday, 7th June 2015
An expert review of the Kreuz smokehouse in Lockhart.

Ok, so you have now eaten at the first place I recommended (if not, it's cool - go do that - I'll wait) and are now keen for another awesome place to eat.

Well my young apprentice, that glorious time has come. I have descended from the mountain that is Lockhart, Texas with the good news of the best meat I've ever had.

I've been to a total of one Texas smokehouse so feel completely qualified to tell you this one is the best in the world, if not the universe.

"What is this this meat-eaters' Mecca of which you speak?" shall cry those of you who skipped the title of this post in their rabid excitement.

This smoke-laden haven of legend is Kruez BBQ, in Lockhart - a barn on the outskirts of town, dedicated to the worship of slow cooked pork ribs and brisket.

The format of this amazing place is a little odd for the uninitiated - something between a butchers and a cafeteria. Place your meat order by the pound like a king and carry or drag your pile of meat to a table, a loaf of sliced bread (aka edible napkins) balanced on top.

Not enough? Go to the other counter for sides and drinks.

The meat is incredible - softened by the slow cooking and flavoured by the fragrant smoke, it is the closest meat has come to both literally and figuratively melting in the mouth. Kruez's slogan is "No forks. No sauce" and you truly need neither (they take this quite literally and provide neither so don't ask for them you philistine).

On top of our feast of pork ribs and brisket we had jalapeño and cheese sausages, very pickle-y German potatoes and mac and cheese but while the others were great filler, the ribs and brisket were the true stars.

11 out of 10 - book your flight to Lockhart now.

We shall sir, we shall.

We shall sir, we shall.

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