The best cheap eat in Vancouver

Written by Ali. Published on Thursday, 16th April 2015
Wondering what the best cheap eat is in Vancouver? This is the answer.

Lisa's been writing most of the posts so far on the trip as I work on helping Telcom get up and running. But this is important.

We'd done a bit of looking into cheap places to eat in Vancouver and there are plenty of options out there, from awesome sounding burger trucks to pizza shacks, but we were looking for something better. A glorious place where not only the food is cheap but where you can sit down in a great environment while you enjoyed your meal.

My friends, we have returned from our metaphorical mountain top with an answer for you. None of this 'top 10 places to eat'. Just 1 place. Because you only need one.

"What is this glorious place?" I hear you cry, tears possibly welling in your eyes as you do so.

This place, my young apprentice, is the Famous Warehouse.

The price range for food? $4.95. One awesomely cheap price for anything on the menu. Price for the specials? $4.95.

I got a Mushroom Burger which had all sorts of awesome - beef burger, gravy, cheese and mushrooms. The chips were brilliant too. You may fear small portions but have faith. Plus, if you are super hungry IT'S $4.95 - buy another one like a boss.

Want to break the mould and try a different price? $6.95 for all you can eat pasta on a Monday. There may be a few others on certain days of the week but I sense your excitement is sufficient to motivate your own independent quest for knowledge.

Three thumbs up and 11 stars - definitely recommend it if you are looking for a great cheap meal in Vancouver.

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