Kentucky fried chicken in Kentucky

Written by Lisa. Published on Friday, 12th June 2015
Visiting the original Kentucky Fried Chicken in Corbin, Kentucky.

When we figured out our final route up to Washington, we realised that we would be driving very close to Kentucky. We decided that it was worth the slight detour up into the state to be able to say we had eaten KFC actually in Kentucky (because realistically when were we ever going to chose to come to Kentucky on holiday in the future so this was our only chance).

After a bit of research, I discovered that we were actually going to be very near the original KFC which was even better! The location of the original shop is in a small place called Corbin.

They have tried to restore the place to its original features and have a lot of memorabilia and information around the store; it's like a mini museum!

We very much enjoyed our fried chicken dinner in these surroundings and for very little effort on our part, managed to tick off another 'American experience'.

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