We're Back!

Written by Lisa. Published on Saturday, 16th July 2016
An update from us about the past year and what is still to come.

It has officially been a year since we hung up our backpacks and returned to the real world after our year of travels.

It was an interesting transition for both of us; me going back to doctor-ing having decided to train to become a GP (primary care/family doctor for those of you in other parts of the world) and Alistair settling into life at the actual Telcom office having tried to do the job on the road whilst we traveled.

Getting back on our feet, finding somewhere to live and now being restricted to annual leave allowance has sadly meant a bit of a dip in our adventuring further afield. Any time off we have had in the past year has been spent trying to fly back to Northern Ireland to see both of our families, but we did venture over to Rome, Italy and had a local 'staycation' to Bath/Stonehenge in the last few months which I will hopefully be posting about soon.

I am definitely getting the travel itch again and cannot wait to get back out there. I am working on how we can best use our leave creatively in the next year to see more of the world so watch this space.

In the meantime we have made a few little design tweaks to the site and you can also follow us on Instagram (@chasetravelblog).

We look forward to sharing our further travels with you all and are excited to get back to writing about them on here :)

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