First time skiing
A fantastic, albeit terrifying and painful first day ever skiing at Marmot Basin in Jasper.
Driving the Icefields Parkway
One of the most beautiful drives in the world from Lake Louise to Jasper.
The beautiful Lake Louise
Our quick one day stop off at the very frozen Lake Louise.
A week in Banff
We spent a week in Banff amongst snowy mountains, hiking and enjoying the town itself.
2 days in Calgary
A very brief time in Calgary to recover from jet lag and catch a hockey game.
Packing revisited
All the changes that we've made to our packing compared to the first trip.
Leaving on a jet plane
Our final week back in Northern Ireland before we head off to North America
Pre-Travel Spending; The Second Trip
A detailed list of everything that we have spent on our travels before leaving the country for the second time.
Planning begins again; the second half!
A quick update about our progress planning the second half of our year travelling.
Kuala Lumpar revisited (but properly this time!)
Finishing our trip with a few days back in Kuala Lumpar, but this time actually seeing the sights and having some amazing food experiences!
Cameron Highlands
2 days in the Cameron Highlands; cooling down a bit and visiting tea plantations.
Arriving in Kuala Lumpar
A change of plans due to illness meant that we spent an extra few days in Kuala Lumpar being lazy and trying to get better.
The cost of spending 3 weeks in Indonesia
A breakdown of what we spent during our 3 weeks in Indonesia.
Getting from Gili Air to Senggigi
How we got ourselves off the lovely island of Gili Air to Senggigi on the mainland via the notorious Bangsal Harbour.
5 days on Gili Air
What we got up to on Gili Air, a small island off Lombok in Indonesia, during our 5 days there.
The best way to get from Ubud, Bali to Gili Air
A comparison of the different options available for getting from Bali to the Gili Islands and our experience with the one we picked.
Yoga and massages in Ubud, Bali
Our 5 day stay in Ubud sampling the relaxed life of yoga and massages; all surrounded by the beautiful view of the rice terraces.
An all-inclusive mini-holiday at Sol Beach House, Nusa Dua
Our very brief (and wonderful) experience of an all inclusive resort in Nusa Dua, Bali.
From Yogyakarta to Denpasar via Mount Bromo the 'easy' way: not super fun
Getting from Java to Bali with a detour to see Mount Bromo shouldn't be too difficult... should it?
Arriving in Java, walking around Yogyakarta and taking a tour out to the temples
Our first experience of Indonesia, arriving in Java and exploring the region around Yogyakarta.
The cost of spending 3 days/4 nights in Singapore
A breakdown of the cost of spending 3 days/4 nights in Singapore.
3 days in Singapore
A brief overview of how we spent 3 days in the pretty cool city of Singapore.
Staying at the Pod Hotel in Singapore
A quick article about what to expect at the Pod Hotel in Singapore.
A summary of our 3 weeks on the east coast of Australia
A summary of our 3 week journey in a campervan up the east coast of Australia.
The cost of spending 3 weeks on the east coast of Australia
A breakdown of what we spent money on during our 3 weeks on the east coast of Australia.
2 days in Melbourne
A very brief stopover in Melbourne before we headed on to Singapore.
What a PADI introductory dive is like (with Seastar, Cairns)
Sharing our experience of our first dive for people interested in knowing what a PADI introductory dive is like so you know what to expect!
Snorkelling and Introductory Diving on the Great Barrier Reef with Seastar, Cairns
Our first experience diving as part of our one day diving and snorkelling tour from Cairns on the Great Barrier Reef with Seastar
A day tour around Daintree and Cape Tribulation
An enjoyable one day tour of Daintree Rainforest, Cape Tribulation and Mossman Gorge from Cairns with Cape Trib Connections and the wonderful George!
Hand feeding Kangaroos and holding Koalas!
A visit to Port Douglas' Wildlife Habitat where we hand fed wallabies and kangaroos, held a koala and learnt a lot about other native Australian creatures.